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 (tĭ-gē′nə) or Ben·de·ry (bĕn-dĕr′ē, bĭn-dyĕ′rē) or Ben·der (bĕn-dĕr′)
A city of southern Moldova on the Dniester River northwest of Odessa, Ukraine. A historically strategic gateway to Bessarabia, the city has been controlled at various times by Turkey, Russia, Romania, and the Soviet Union. Transnistria assumed control of Tighina in 1992.
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According to information from the Moldovan Ministry of Defense, however, it consists of four infantry brigades (the 1st at Tiraspol, the 2nd at Tigina, the 3rd at Rybnitsa, and the 4th at Dubosary); one tank battalion armed with 18 T-64Bs, deployed at Glinnoye; an anti-tank battalion at Tigina; and an artillery unit and engineering unit at Parkany.