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Noun1.Tiliaceae - chiefly trees and shrubs of tropical and temperate regions of especially southeastern Asia and Brazil; genera Tilia, Corchorus, Entelea, Grewia, Sparmannia
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Malvales, order Malvales - Malvaceae; Bombacaceae; Elaeocarpaceae; Sterculiaceae; Tiliaceae
genus Tilia, Tilia - deciduous trees with smooth usually silver-grey bark of North America and Europe and Asia: lime trees; lindens; basswood
Entelea, genus Entelea - a genus of evergreen shrub that grows in New Zealand
genus Corchorus, Corchorus - widely distributed genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs; especially Asia
genus Grewia, Grewia - a genus of tropical and subtropical Old World climbers or shrubs or trees
genus Sparmannia, Sparmannia - small genus of tropical African shrubs
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A Myristicaceae Fruta dorada Zanthoxylum ekmanii Rutaceae Lagartillo amarillo Cupania rufescens Sapindaceae / Paullinia ingifolia Sapindaceae / Pouteria torta Sapotaceae Sapotillo Luehea seemannii Tiliaceae Guacimo Colorado
Grewia optiva plants which belong to tiliaceae family were collected from shivalik region of Himachal Pradesh, India.
5 Table 3: Inventory of vegetables Types of vegetables cultivated Number of respondents Scientific name Common name Botanical family Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Malvaceae 48 Solanum macrocarpon Leafy eggplant Solanaceae 10 Corchorus olitorius Jute mallow Tiliaceae 112 Solanum scabrum Nightshade Solanaceae 130 Amaranthus cruentus Amaranth Amaranthaceae 131 Vernonia amygdalina Bitter-leaf Asteraceae 80 Solanum macrocarpum Eggplant Solanaceae 42 Hibiscus sabdariffa Sorrel Malvaceae 10 Types of vegetables cultivated Percentage (%) Scientific name Common name Botanical family Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Malvaceae 36.
It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, family Tiliaceae.
The recent circumscription recognized this family on the basis of a number of morphological and molecular data which divided it into four traditional families: Tiliaceae, Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae and Malvaceae sensu stricto (s.
Most were on bifurcations of lateral branches of a variety of trees or tall shrubs of 11 species in Clusiaceae, Melastomataceae, Monimiaceae, Rutaceae, Solanaceae, and Tiliaceae.