Time ball

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a ball arranged to drop from the summit of a pole, to indicate true midday time, as at Greenwich Observatory, England.

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The evening will include a Yule Time ball packed with performance, song, music and a selection of food from a variety of Dickensian-themed food stalls.
This is the third time Ball has integrated DoD (SERB) payloads to the BCP-100 platform.
The notion of dropping a time ball actually dates back to 1833 with the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, dropping a wooden ball every afternoon at one o'clock so that nearby ship captains could precisely set their navigational chronometers.
A Cardiff free-kick was headed clear and Adam Clayton swept a first time ball out to the right to send Albert Adomah surging down the flank.
Cardiff made it six from a throw in by Edwards that found Cori Williams, who played a first time ball to Lauren Townsend.
Boro had a glorious chance to wrap up the points on 64 minutes when Zenden played an outstanding first time ball in to Gaizlka Mendieta, but the Spaniard's attempt flashed just wide of Robinson's left-hand post.
Anderson then created the Wearsiders' second goal with a lovely pass out wide to Sumner, whose first time ball into the box was met by Ellis - who headed into the goal at the back post.
TOSHIBA VISION atop One Times Square is located directly below the famous Times Square New Year's Eve Ball, an iconic time ball that sits atop the building and is lowered to mark the New Year countdown.
This time Ball, gangster Terry Bates in EastEnders, will play Hazell as an ageing ex-cop - which will ring truer to the books the original series were based on.
They are a fantastic crowd here and they could see we were digging in and the players needed some help and by cheering the way they cheered every time ball went in there helped.
The first half between NBP and Customs failed to produce sparkle or dazzling moves and most of the game was confined to midfield due to long time ball possession and defensive tactics.
By synchronising with Edinburgh's famous one o'clock gun, initiated as a means of giving an accurate time check to ships in Leith when the Nelson Tower time ball could not be seen, the Imperial Clock's 100m water sculpture would provide a regular visual spectacle that could be seen from afar.