Time fuse

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a fuse, as for an explosive projectile, which can be so arranged as to ignite the charge at a certain definite interval after being itself ignited.
- Bacon.

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During the raid on her home here, police said they recovered four blasting caps, two detonating cords, and a time fuse.
After it arrived in Llanberis, five soldiers ran up the mountain carrying the 12kg baton which is shaped like a gun barrel with an original World War I time fuse at the top.
He successfully carried out the task, but in the case of one steel girder bridge the time fuse failed to act.
When people talk about private equity ownership, the implication is that it is money coming from a private equity fund that has a time fuse on it.
Increasingly, W Financial is seeing more repeat business from experienced sponsors who can certainly qualify for bank financing, but find that when they are presented with an attractive buying opportunity with a very short time fuse (and often with other complexities, such as tenants that need to be bought out, lack of full D.
Each also has an anti-handling device, to prevent removal, and time fuse that causes the mine to self-destruct up to three days after being armed.
The XM-25 works much as a normal rifle does, but instead of firing ordinary bullets it shoots 25mm exploding fragmentation mini-shells which are fitted with a very precise time fuse set at the moment of firing by the gun's electronics.
with detonator and time fuse, on each plunger, and exploding the shells in place.
As the shell flies upwards a small time fuse burns away inside it, unseen to the audience.
Private-equity firms might have a shorter time fuse in terms of making decisions," Arnold Aronson, managing director of Kurt Salmon Associates, told HFN.
Knowing how long it takes a burning detonation cord or time fuse to reach the explosive allows an EOD tech to calculate how much time is needed to get everybody to a safe area, undercover before the detonation.