tin lizzie

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tin liz·zie

n. Slang
A dilapidated or cheap car.

[After Tin Lizzie, , nickname for the Ford Model T automobile, perhaps from Lizzie, name commonly given to horses, nickname for Elizabeth.]

tin lizzie

(Automotive Engineering) informal an old or decrepit car; jalopy
[originally a nickname for the Model T Ford]
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in Albuquerque with the Tin Lizzies (Model T Club), and in Los Angeles.
In the old photographs the black clunky cars stick out - solid rows of tin lizzies - Model T Fords - black by Henry Ford's mandate and angle-parked along Main Street.
Ford and his Model T, or Tin Lizzies and Flivvers as they were nicknamed, were so successful that they outgrew the Piquette plant by 1910.