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A trademark for a construction toy consisting of pieces that fit together.


(Games, other than specified) a children's toy construction set


(ˈtɪŋ kərˌtɔɪ)
Trademark. a brand of children's building toy.
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Other pumpkins in the creative category included a hamburger pumpkin with pumpkin seeds glued to the top in place of sesame seeds, a pumpkin man that had a tinker toy walker and a feathery spider pumpkin.
The smallest cat on record was male Himalayan-Persian Tinker Toy, from Illinois, at 2.
The human brain," notes the serioso narrator, "is hardly a Tinker Toy.
It is a heavy-duty little tool and makes the MEC part look like it came off a Tinker Toy.
When I was going to schools for NASA, I used to take a model of a Martian rover built from Tinker Toys and a box of identical Tinker Toy parts.
As he grew older, the projects became larger: a Tinker Toy bridge in nursery school, an Eiffel Tower model made up of 10,000 ice cream sticks in high school and a 25-foot sail/raft he built in college were some of his 'hands on' endeavors.
After researching several different ideas, the officers (Roger Garvin, Kathy Saisuphaluck, and Sean Taylor) became intrigued with the tinker toy, tic-tac-toe computer that was built in the 1980's.
Presumably, this distance is relatively small between the term buckminster-fullerene and the 60-carbon rings now available in Tinker Toy models everywhere; but phrases such as family values or ordinary hard-working Americans--big favorites during the last election--are another matter entirely, These are "loaded" terms precisely because they carry with them so much relational baggage whose content varies dramatically from person to person.
Her alley is already lined with victory flags from other consumer causes-unequal tax assessment and Tinker Toy sets packaged without wheels, to name two.
As a graduate student at MIT, he designed two machines for playing tic-tac-toe made almost entirely of tinker toy components.
Go to the Florida wetlands, or at least what's left of them, and see what that overgrown tinker toy in Orlando has done to the environment.