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n. Greek & Roman Mythology
One of the three Furies.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth one of the three Furies; the others are Alecto and Megaera


(tɪˈsɪf əˌni)

(in Greek myth) one of the Furies.
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Noun1.Tisiphone - one of the three Furies
Erinyes, Eumenides, Fury - (classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals
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No, this was rather one of those smiles which might be supposed to have come from the dimpled cheeks of the august Tisiphone, or from one of the misses, her sisters.
After a considerable mythological investigation, Donald Thomas in his Lewis Carroll: A Portrait with Background names the prototype of Wonderland's Queen of Hearts as Tisiphone, the Queen of Furies.
In Greek myth, what were Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera collectively known as?