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The colonists of Plymouth Bay and Massasoit--"sachem," or leader, of the Wampanoag--were able to make an alliance despite differences and the plotting of their interpreter and intermediary, Tisquantum (also known as "Squanto").
Or we may still see Squanto as a stereotypical red-faced Indian, rather than the dignified and brave presence of Tisquantum, native of Patuxet who belonged to the Wampanoag federation of tribes, a former slave who learned English and whose role was integral to the very survival of the Pilgrims.
to Sir Ferdinando Gorges expressing the good use Tisquantum could
In 1619, after various adventures, Tisquantum was able to return to his village.
In the most notorious case, Captain Thomas Hunt kidnaped more than two dozen Indians off the coast of New England in 1614, including the Patuxet Tisquantum (Squanto), and sold them into slavery in Spain.