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 (tĭs′ô) also Ti·sa (tē′sə)
A river of central Europe rising in the Carpathian Mountains in the western Ukraine and flowing about 995 km (620 mi) generally southward across eastern Hungary and northern Serbia to the Danube River.


(Hungarian ˈtisɔ)
(Placename) a river in S central Europe, rising in W Ukraine and flowing west, forming part of the border between Ukraine and Romania, then southwest across Hungary into Serbia to join the Danube north of Belgrade. Slavonic and Romanian name: Tisa


(ˈtɪs ɔ)

a river in S central Europe, flowing from the Carpathian Mountains through E Hungary and NE Yugoslavia into the Danube N of Belgrade. 800 mi. (1290 km) long.
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The greatest appeal of a tour on the Tisza is the relatively pristine beauty of the landscape and the longing for water;
Continuing the agricultural theme, the issue also featured a story on the river Tisza in Hungary, which had been tamed to create fertile farmland, increasing population and agricultural output and bringing prosperity to a once forgotten region.
The latest analyses carried out by the Task Force show that life has virtually returned to normal in the Tisza river basin.
which runs the gold mine at Aurul in Romania that spilled 100,000 tonnes of cyanide residue into two Hungarian rivers, the Szamos and the Tisza.
An important new bridge will carry it across the Tisza, Hungary's second biggest river, it will run for most of its length raised on a bed of boulders and clay to lift it clear of floodwaters.
Europe & Africa Generation revenue increased by $28 million to $214 million, primarily due to higher volume at Tisza II in Hungary and in Kazakhstan and favorable foreign currency translation.
92% Eger-Tokaj Wine Region The Puszta and the Lake Tisza 56 5.
There are many canoe and kayak trips that follow the Danube or the Tisza rivers.
The cyanide spill into the Tisza river, following a damburst at a tailings pond in Baia Mare, Romania, in January this year and a similar accident in Aznalc[cent]llar, Spain, in 1998, where a damburst poisoned the environment of the Coto Do[currency]ana National Park, raised questions as to the effectiveness of Community policies intended to prevent such disasters, and highlighted the need for a more focused environmental policy in this area.
According to WWF Hungary, more than 20,000 tonnes of the contaminated sediment entered the river Viso from the Novat settling pond of a metal mine near Baia Borsa; sudden snow melts and heavy rains caused the water to was out the flotation sediment, break through the dam and enter to enter the Vaser spring, and from there the river Tisza.
NASDAQ: AZPN), today announced that Tisza Chemical Group (TVK), a leading petrochemical producer in Central Europe and member of the MOL Group, is implementing aspenONE Advanced Process Control applications at two major new ethylene and polyethylene plants.
Continuing its trip in Hungary, the delegation, which followed course of the Tisza River and crossed several towns and villages, regretted not being able to continue as far as the confluence of the Tisza and the Danube.