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n. pl. Tiwa or Ti·was
1. A member of a group of Pueblo peoples of northern New Mexico.
2. The group of Kiowa-Tanoan languages spoken by the Tiwa.
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I don't know why that's getting me all choked up inside, probably because Tiwa is my fave too, but also because he really waited for that to happen, man
Social media across Africa and its diaspora went agog when Tunji Balogun made some very public allegations about his celebrity wife, popstar Tiwa Savage, on his Instagram page, claiming she had been unfaithful to him with some high-profile Nigerian celebrity names; that she cared more about her career than their marriage; and that she didn't cook for him.
Accompanied by daughters Tiwa, 14, and Dara, ten, she investigated issues facing girls in some of the remotest regions of the war-ravaged country.
Among them: Renya, a Tiwa Indian and highly respected former governor of Taos Pueblo, which dates back nearly 1,000 years.
Kareem Fahmy, Issam Kassabieh, Tiwa Ompe, Javan Wada, Shabbir Furniturewala, Mussaddiq Hassan and Ahmed Qarjouli took part in Five Days For The Homeless -- an initiative by a charity that creates awareness and raises money for the homeless.
ka dzis tiwa ra porke jewa skaga fkiwagru ga] 'yo no hablo con ellos para que no despierten a mi papa' [jewa kapaki mutfo ki porki trabahagru] 'ellos duermen mucho para trabajar'
Well they didn't really have to beg for food, because as Nigerian student Tiwa Omope, tells Gulf News, "when people became aware of the campaign" it was easier to secure their meals.
Nigerian student Tiwa Omope, 21, said it was initially daunting not knowing where their next meal would come from, but that it got easier when people became aware of the campaign.
Share sale and purchase agreement was also signed between PT Bayan Resources Tbk as the buyer and PT Ilthabi Bara Utama, Prime Mine Resources Limited and Romo Mitiyudi Wachjo as the sellers of 99% of mining concession of PT Tiwa Abadi, PT Sumber Api, PT Silau Kencana, PT Orkida Makmur, PT Dermaga Energi with 1% sold to other buyers.
Seven clans (Mudi, Watu Bala, 'Ua Higo, Ana Woka, Naka Tebhe, Tiwa, and Gawi) all formally claim a place in the present village of Tiba Kisa.