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Tiwanaku was the center of Bolivia's pre-Columbian, highland civilization.
A todo esto se agrega el singular registro de un fragmento de kero Tiwanaku en las inmediaciones de la estructura.
Its construction is identical to that at Tiwanaku in South America.
Desde la milenaria Puerta del Sol de Tiwanaku, con el rugir del Pututu, el Amauta anuncia una nueva aurora.
Without hesitation, Tsoukalos replied, 'Go to Puma Punku first, located near Tiwanaku in Bolivia.
Andean religious leaders perform a New Year's ritual in the ruins of the ancient city Tiwanaku, Bolivia, yesterday.
The Rains of Titikaka' by John Harrison follows rise and fall of the pre-Columbian city of Tiwanaku in Bolivia.
El mito de Manco Capac saliendo del Lago Titikaka nos hace pensar que los incas eran una dinastia disidente de los Tiwanaku y hablaban aymara.
In Chapter eight, Robert Bradley turns to the Pre-Columbian site of the Tiwanaku people in the Bolivian altiplano known as the Gateway of the Sun, and specifically to written descriptions about the site from writers such as Pedro Cieza de Leon, Alexander von Humboldt, and Leonce Marie Francois Angrand, among others, to understand how the imagery associated with the site is more concerned about interpreting the past while ignoring the forgotten Tiwanaku people.
Around the Iakeshores, archaeologists have uncovered the rise and fall of the Tiwanaku civilization, which arose in the third century A.