To accept the person

(Eccl.) to show favoritism.
- Gal. ii. 6.

See also: Accept

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To accept the person with disability as a human being in the perspective of human rights, terms such as; crippled, handicap, disabled or mentally retarded, blind, deaf and dumb must be avoided as these terms are clearly derogative, he said adding positive terms such as; persons with disabilities, visually impaired, hearing impaired, vocally impaired and intellectually impaired must be used for promotion of positive attitude towards persons with disabilities.
If the CSB advises the magistrate that the originally-designated facility has entered into an agreement with a back-up facility to accept the person if the original facility does not have adequate space to accommodate the person, or is unable to meet the person's security, medical or behavioral heath care needs, that facility may also be indicated on the order without the need for further amendment.