To be confined

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to be in childbed.

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But now you can assist us most by directing us to the court of Salensus Oll, and suggesting some means by which we may gain admission to the city and the palace, or whatever other place we find our friends to be confined.
Mildred expected to be confined early in March, and as soon as she was well enough she was to go to the seaside for a fortnight: that would give Philip a chance to work without interruption for his examination; after that came the Easter holidays, and they had arranged to go to Paris together.
Presently the time came for her to move to the nursing-home where she was to be confined.
The mass appeared to be confined to the thyroid, and no pathologic cervical adenopathy was evident.
He is supposed to be confined to his cell 23 hours a day and I would give him nothing but food to keep him alive.
ARIG's ratings continue to be confined by its weak profitability, which has traditionally relied on investment income in the absence of technical profits.