To beat down

to haggle with (any one) to secure a lower price; to force down.

See also: Beat

References in classic literature ?
They were again obliged, therefore, to beat down a path for their horses, sometimes travelling on the icy surface of the stream.
Shoulder tendinitis, illness and a maddening lack of run support have conspired to beat down the erstwhile Padres ace, leaving him with a deflated win total and a bloated ERA.
But District Judge Roy Anderson said: "Courts ought not to allow anti-social behaviour orders to be used as a club to beat down the expression of legitimate comment.
As a CPA/financial planner you could be the best around, but if no one knows it, clients aren't going to beat down your door.
It knows how to beat down potential opposition, but it doesn't know how to manage the system it's got.
You also get a taste of the game's melee combat, as Tommy has to use his big mechanic's wrench to beat down two patrons who get a little violent.
Battle of words: While Democrats decry the Republicans' innate ability to beat down their party with a simple catchphrase like ``cut and run,'' Karl Rove just throws it right back in John Kerry's face.
Tom Lucas, 43, said his home and three others near the Ventura County town of Somis were saved on Sunday by a half-dozen local contractors who used their own water trucks, bulldozers and other construction equipment to beat down advancing flames.