To boil away

to vaporize; to evaporate or be evaporated by the action of heat.

See also: Boil

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The water protects his hands as it takes a few seconds to boil away keeping his skin cooler.
Despite the immense heat, it will take around a trillion years for the planet to boil away, he said.
The conventional explanation for the deficit argues that in the inner region of the dust disc where Earth formed, temperatures soared above 1800 kelvin, enough for carbon to boil away.
Because the planet lies so close to its parent star, a red dwarf called Gliese 581, it's hot enough to boil away any surface water and could not support life similar to that on Earth.
Until she gets cooking on the one dish in which everyone's interested, her image is just going to boil away to nothing on the front burner, perhaps causing irreparable harm to her company.
Mainly rock, these planets formed in regions of the solar nebula hot enough to boil away ice.