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Gavin (pictued left) has admitted defeat in his battle to boil down to the 60kg lightweight limit and has flown home to Birmingham today after leaving the team's holding camp in Macau, where he had been left behind in order to make one final push.
In a city with infamously dismal public services, it's discouraging that the most promising proposal for improving those services seems to boil down to: Pay for them yourself.
The challenge was to boil down nearly five decades and four storeys worth of stuff into a much smaller cache that could be contained in a one-bedroom senior's apartment.
The only way to control the increased CO2 is to control our consumption of fossil fuels, and that is going to boil down to individual lifestyle choices.
This was a very gratifying project in that we were able to boil down very complex information into easy-to-understand teaching points," said Frank Morello, HCPro's director of multimedia.
And even if they are too smart for the show, the actors do manage to make the thing a credible satire of achieving the second-generation dream - which seems to boil down to copping good chronic and shilling for third-rate fast food, dude.
net gives us the opportunity to boil down the most pertinent industry information with a `must read' customizable home page, and provide the resources and navigation that allows the visitor to delve far deeper into a particular issue if they so choose," said Serratore.
And De Bernieres' story, which sprawled all over the Adriatic Sea, not to mention World War II and its aftermath, was undoubtedly a bear to boil down to movie narrative form.