To bowl

in cricket, to put out a striker by knocking down a bail or a stump in bowling.

See also: Bowl

References in classic literature ?
Luffey, the highest ornament of Dingley Dell, was pitched to bowl against the redoubtable Dumkins, and Mr.
Then the cover-point hitter, that cunning man, goes on to bowl slow twisters.
The carriage had whirled us under I know not how many triumphal arches in process of construction, and past the tents and flag-poles of a juicy-looking cricket-field, on which Raffles undertook to bowl up to his reputation.
UCLA has a habit of not traveling well to bowl games and Northwestern - which has gone to just six bowl games - has had a decent contingent.
We eventually did a questionnaire to see if bowling was something people were interested in and took it to the other bowling alleys around the city and found out many people there were Harlem residents who went downtown to bowl.
You don't want to bowl in a dumpy place - which I've done before,'' he said, packing his spare ball away.
Due to Bowl renovations, no Easter services were held in 1993 and from 1995 to 1998.
Add shrimp to bowl and mix in 1 teaspoon cornstarch and remaining 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil.
Wells, the second-oldest in the group, behind Bigler, loves the sport so much that when he had surgery on his right arm three years ago, he forced himself to learn to bowl left-handed.
When she hits 100, Flo Scorpio says, she wants to bowl it.
In the Pac-10, five teams will receive automatic berths to bowls.