To break

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Master Instructor Aaron Doucet, who helped Master Jones with the seminar, said, “He had a perfect mix of understanding the technique but also understanding how much of the mental aspect it takes to break a brick.
A: A tenant's right to break their lease is, in the majority of cases, dependent on service of a formal notice to exercise the break.
You set this drill up the same way as the curve ball, but this time, instead of working a ball that breaks toward the mat or your target, you want the ball to break away or inside at the batter.
Wirthlin, in tears, responded by kicking a locker, and Canyon ended up losing 34-27 to break a streak of 19 consecutive nonleague victories.
Feynman, for instance, once got it into his head to figure out why uncooked spaghetti doesn't snap neatly in two when you bend it far enough to break.
Still, in capturing his own experience, Berlanti found himself gravitating toward yet another group portrait of a light-knit circle of friends: "I knew I wanted to show a group of friends, where one character is trying to break away and one character is just entering the group, Some of the characters are autobiographical--I had an on-again, off-again [romance] like the Howie character myself, But I really borrowed the design and structure from movies about straight friends like Parenthood, Breaking Away, Diner, and Hannah and Her Sisters.
From a single tensile test, one can obtain stresses at desired elongations (typically 300%), elongation to break, and stress at break.
This objecthood o painting, coming from Minimalism, is so hard to break," he complains.
So, to see how much added business it will take to break even, the marketing manager can use the following equation in which x" equals the volume of new business required to break even on the expense of hiring another salesperson.
ENCINO - Ron Sarchian set out to break a Guinness Book World Record on Saturday in an hour.