To break up

To separate into parts; to plow (new or fallow ground).
To dissolve; to put an end to.
- Shak.

See also: Break, Break

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The soprano, who has since been linked to Irish rugby star Rob Kearney, 26, has always refused to spill the beans on what caused them to break up.
The decision to break up was a tough one, and she admits that she forced herself out on the town, as she attempted to kickstart the healing process.
Green said that any plan to break up banks between investment and retail operations was 'very difficult to do.
More than sixty percent (62 percent) of people about to break up with their partner are very likely to or will definitely avoid the other person.
The worst way to break up with someone was by sending an email to the person at work (32 percent) or delivering the news through a friend or family member (27 percent).
Only eight percent think sending an email to home is the worst way compared to 32 percent who think sending an email to work is the worst way to break up.