To bring forward

To exhibit; to introduce; to produce to view.
To hasten; to promote; to forward.
To propose; to adduce; as, to bring forward arguments.

See also: Bring, Bring, Bring

References in classic literature ?
If I made the matter public, I have no evidence but moral evidence to bring forward.
Though it is easy to assert, in general terms, the possibility of forming a rational judgment of a due provision against probable dangers, yet we may safely challenge those who make the assertion to bring forward their data, and may affirm that they would be found as vague and uncertain as any that could be produced to establish the probable duration of the world.
Facebook's WhatsApp has yet to bring forward proposals to address EU regulators' worries over the service's sharing of user data with its parent company, Reuters reports.
If the result of such a survey had been strongly in favour of leaving, then the government would probably have been politically obliged to bring forward a proposal in the form of a Bill followed by a legitimate referendum Bill.
With so many people feeling the pinch at present, partly because of rising inflation, the Board felt that this year we could afford to bring forward our annual pay review.
The High Court yesterday declined to bring forward the hearing of bail application by Dr David Mwangi who is accused of murdering a KRA lawyer.
Last year we trialled this innovative program by partnering with councils in the North and North-West to bring forward much needed infrastructure projects and stimulate regional economies and create jobs.
Our desire is to work collaboratively and with transparency with our BON to bring forward a nursing compact together that makes sense for our Montana nurses caring for our Montana citizens.
Kirklees Council wants to apply for PS22 million from the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership to bring forward work on what its report defined as "strategic or challenging housing sites".
BOMBARDIER in Belfast is set to bring forward redundancies it had initially planned for next year.
Shares in Europe declined to a two-week low on Tuesday, led down by a drop in Greek stocks following an unexpected decision to bring forward the country's presidential election.
LIBERAL Democrats are pushing the Government to bring forward the decision on dualling the A1.