To call out

(a) To summon to fight; to challenge. (b) To summon into service; as, to call out the militia.
To call or utter loudly; to brawl.

See also: Call, Call

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Comparison of the times of reported attacks to call out logs for South Wales fire service suggests attacks in 2011 were most likely to coincide with call outs to refuse fires.
Afon Taf High in Merthyr Tydfil had to call out pest control five times.
Perhaps this is because they are the least likely sign to call out for help because they have an oil leak.
Crews from the base in Barnstaple, in Devon, travelled an average of 33 nautical miles to call outs, with incidents requiring an average of one hour and two minutes of flying time.
Chris said: "Most of our volunteers can't go to call outs during the day.