To cover ground

to pass over; as, the rider covered the ground in an hour.

See also: Cover

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And second, it allows you to cover ground and provides you with a view of the bottom as you troll over the sandy bottomed bays looking for structure.
6 JACK CORK Said much about Swansea's scrappy start that the ex-Hornet loanee made some poor decisions with the ball and while he worked hard to cover ground, made way for Ki after the break.
It also results in some very respectable economy gures, making this a very solid choice if you want to cover ground quick-quick ly and discreetly but don't like diesel engines.
The new exploration work is expected to cover ground geophysics and deep drilling and would aim on the Artemis copper/gold/zinc prospect.
The result is a very agile, lightweight boot that allows me to cover ground with minimal effort.
Their ability to attack in droves will be of huge concern to an attacking side like Kerry and Ryan McHugh and Odhran Mac Niallais' ability to cover ground makes it difficult for any side to counter against them.
We hope to cover ground quickly and with all the quality that can be found on our global branches," said Bussacchini.
Dave Johnson, a lead developer at Shield UI, commented on the new release: "While many companies aim to deliver a large number of controls to cover ground quickly, we at Shield UI aim for maturity, along with rich offering.
Jumaira Tower began to cover ground and was lurking around seeking to tackle the new leader.
You wonder what the HET will find out trying to cover ground that should have been covered 35 years ago.
He has a real energy to cover ground to get into the box, and then it's all about form.
In addition to the proposal, some workers will also get an insurance policy to cover Ground Zero-related illnesses that have not yet developed.