To cross the line

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to cross the equator, as a vessel at sea.
- Totten.

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References in classic literature ?
His first and natural impulse was to cross the line lower down, work up again, and, catching his well-wishers from behind, summarily slay them.
The first to cross the line was Liverpool Harriers' Ben Russell after just 25 minutes and 20 seconds.
FINISHING IN A BLAZE OF GLORY DAREDEVIL runners were all fired up to cross the line in an extreme obstacle race yesterday - by leaping through flames to get to the finish.
But it's the Olympic Games and we have both got to race as hard as we can to see who is the best athlete and who is going to get to cross the line first.
The Frenchman battled appalling conditions to cross the line first on his Kawasaki in an opening race which had to be stopped twice following crashes.
BLOW ME Rosie Smith battles the elements to cross the line in eighth place overall in the Pier to Pier race (left) WINDY WIN Brendan McMillan crosses the line on Roker beach to win yesterday's Pier to Pier race (right)
Top tackler Nathan Jessop and Niall McClory made some good yards and were unlucky not to cross the line.
This enabled Paul Hurst to cross the line for Broadstreet after 19 minutes.
In contrast Harriers were denied an equaliser in controversial fashion when Brian Smikle's header appeared to cross the line before Kettering defender James Jennings hooked the ball clear.
Cross The Line" will encourage fans who have never watched TNA to try it, current TNA fans to recruit others, wrestling stars from around the world to cross the line and join TNA, and it's the official launch of TNA's revolution to call out the competition.
Newcastle were raging last week when an Alan Shearer header appeared to cross the line at Wigan but no goal was given.