To eat

References in classic literature ?
If you want me to eat them, please peel them for me.
Yes; I haven't had anything to eat since last night's supper," she exclaimed.
By to-morrow morning," the boy went on, "we must go where there is something to eat, or we shall grow very hungry and become very unhappy.
We did break the thing up at length with the aid of a chisel, but it was perfectly impossible to eat it, and we had to make a dinner off the vegetables and an apple tart.
A nice country this is," he grumbled, "where a respectable horse has to eat pink grass
Leaving his pack to eat their fill upon the flesh of their victims--flesh that he could not touch--Tarzan of the Apes pursued the single survivor of the bloody fray.
Because,' said the dog, 'I am very very hungry, and have nothing to eat.
While I am hammering on the anvil, you sleep on the mat; and when I begin to eat after my toil, you wake up and wag your tail for food.
I hope we shall find something to eat," said Dorothy, looking eagerly at the pretty beach toward which they drifted.
I have the same feeling about rats," replied Pickles, "but it would never do to eat our own customers; they would leave us and go to Tabitha Twitchit's.
They move in order to eat in order that they may keep moving.
There was no kind master like yours to look after me, and talk to me, and bring me nice things to eat.