To find out

References in classic literature ?
What did girls expect of boys, sitting on a bench and tentatively striving to find out what love was?
Red does not want others to find out that he was there, but makes a call to 911, reporting about a missing person.
Meanwhile, Red helps FBI to find out Ivan's motive and his next move.
From time to time there were two or three other gay bloggers he would link to, but AmericaBlog and ABC were the places you went to find out what was going on," says Kaplan, who is himself a blogger on The Huffington Post.
Call the park ahead of time to find out if they will allow picnic coolers.
I find it extremely helpful to hear presentations by speakers from the IRS, Treasury and the large accounting firms and to talk with my peers to find out how various provisions are affecting their corporate tax planning.
Now, I have done my share of activism--writing letters, protesting at the statehouse--but this was the first time that I made a personal call to an elected official; I had an idea and I needed to find out if it could work.