To follow suit

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The other Growleywogs were not slow to follow suit, and even before they had finished drinking the Chief of the Whimsies and his people came to push them away, while they one and all cast off their false heads that they might slake their thirst at the fountain.
Whereupon cards followed, with aunt Kimble's annual failure to follow suit, and uncle Kimble's irascibility concerning the odd trick which was rarely explicable to him, when it was not on his side, without a general visitation of tricks to see that they were formed on sound principles: the whole being accompanied by a strong steaming odour of spirits-and-water.
You'll see men all round you going into the Staff Corps, and doing every possible sort of duty but regimental, and you may be tempted to follow suit.
But as 'them two clever ones'--Mrs Affery's perpetual reference, in whom her personality was swallowed up--were agreed to accept Little Dorrit as a matter of course, she had nothing for it but to follow suit.
Massachusetts could help inspire other producers to follow suit.
The director of a Birmingham based financial planning business has made a donation to help older people keep warm this winter and has urged others to follow suit.
Two House committees passed a jumbo infrastructure bill in February and a third was likely to follow suit, meaning the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act will probably pass the House quickly.
And while Asda said it could not confirm how long they would remain at that price, experts believe Sainsbury's is certain to follow suit by the weekend as it sells 100% Fairtrade bananas and is likely to have lost the most margin during the price war under its commitment to the higher-welfare stocks.
Taipei, June 23, 2010 (CENS) -- The economic recovery is driving Taiwan's three government-linked banks, namely Chang Hwa Bank, Hua Nan Bank, and First Commercial Bank, to raise employee salaries, which began April 1, with some private banks reportedly to follow suit.
The Amal statement added that the Turkish decision was a first and called for other states to follow suit "in pressuring Israel to stop.
The High Street giant intends to follow suit in South-West England and South Wales by the end of the month - and then possibly the whole country.
Bishop Claude Miller, who launched his walk last spring for PWRDF's Partnership for Life program, inspired many parishioners to follow suit.