To get ahead

to advance; to prosper.

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But there is a rival archaeologist who would ask nothing better than to get ahead of me in this matter.
But he is trying to get ahead of me, which may account for my feeling.
Nearly half (48%) of Americans say they have more opportunity to get ahead than their parents did, and 73% say they expect to reach financial security and comfort in their lifetimes.
Americans continue to hold an aspirational view of their own ability to get ahead in the future and the ability of the country to rebound, but they believe that achieving their life goals is harder than it used to be and the path to those goals is more uncertain," said Joan Walker, executive vice president of corporate relations for Allstate.
The information will allow the nearby defender to get ahead of the game by planning his move--maybe intercept or contain.
Found yourself dreaming of how to get ahead in the workplace?
By resolving to get ahead of compound interest, Americans can more quickly save money for vacations, education, or other personal and family goals.
Each summer, students as young as 11 or 12 are signing up for courses at the community college, using what could have been their months off from school to get ahead in their education.
I wanted to get ahead in math so when I take the standardized exams I'll do well on them,'' said Gaur, who is already thinking about the Scholastic Aptitude Test and college entrance applications.