To get rid of

deshacerse delibrarse dequitarse a alguien de encima
References in classic literature ?
Mrs General's communication of this idea to her clerical and commissariat connection was so warmly applauded that, but for the lady's undoubted merit, it might have appeared as though they wanted to get rid of her.
And shall we proceed to get rid of the weepings and wailings of famous men?
Now when this strange tale was told to the King he became quite sad, not knowing what he should do to get rid of so undesirable a son-in-law, when suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to him.
When the morning came at last, I was in a bad enough plight: seedy, drowsy, fagged, from want of sleep; weary from thrashing around, famished from long fasting; pining for a bath, and to get rid of the animals; and crippled with rheumatism.
Each one of them is unique and would require a certain medical treatment to get rid of.
Jackie Gilbert decided to get rid of all the clutter in her office after realizing just how the professional paraphernalia was not helping her advance in her profession or her life.
If state legislators really want to get rid of the Electoral College, then the sensible, decent way to do that is to amend the U.
Purely by intuition (rural Ireland is a very spiritual place), I found a remedy that not only helped to get rid of the loading of the insecticide but also of hot flashes as well ("Hot Flashes," Your Health, January/February 2006).
So before pumping in grease, use lubricant cleaner and MEK to get rid of old grease.
Miss Angela Steatham, aged 36, and her partner, Mr Rob Mugglestone, aged 33, have vowed to get rid of their cars after BMW decided to dispose of Rover.
The strength of those reactions implies that the immune system is still trying to get rid of H.
Such a problem is a real anomaly to industry foresters who have spent their careers trying to get rid of alder and now find themselves suddenly faced with the cheerful prospect of being well paid to cut it for the sawmills.