To give away

to make over to another; to transfer.

See also: Give

References in classic literature ?
Had he been in his right senses, he could not have thought of such a thing as begging you to give away half your fortune from your own child.
There never were such people as the Shimerdas for wanting to give away everything they had.
At first she found it amusing to give away dresses and ribbons to the maids, but when that was done and what was left had still to be packed, she found it dull.
I have known ambition, when cured at court by frequent disappointments (which are the only physic for it), to break out again in a contest for foreman of the grand jury at an assizes; and have heard of a man who had so far conquered avarice, as to give away many a sixpence, that comforted himself, at last, on his deathbed, by making a crafty and advantageous bargain concerning his ensuing funeral, with an undertaker who had married his only child.
When I come over next year to give away the bride, or whenever I come, I shall have the sense to keep the household brigade in ambuscade and not to manoeuvre it on your ground.
Poe said they chose to give away presents to the families in the cemetery this year instead of an orphanage to fulfill FPJ's then promise to the children to come back to the cemetery and give away gifts.
He has regularly flown in cricket legends to give away this award.
As official media partner, we have a rake of tickets to give away right up until the show and will give away a pair a week
If they want to give away work beyond what's authorized, take it out of their commission.
Due to their generosity, VRG was able to give away 1,000 copies of this book to dietitians attending the American Dietetic Association meeting held in Anaheim, CA, in October 2004.
JAPAN coach Zico fears David Beckham will punish his players if they continue to give away free-kicks on the edge of the penalty area.
In Taiwan 50 to 100 years ago, he contends, practical considerations about the future economic health of their households, not to mention their own social status, prompted women to give away daughters that they had raised for months or years.