To give possession

to put in another's power or occupancy.

See also: Possession

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Capital Development Authority had acquired the land for sector G-12 back in 1985, but the locals refused to give possession as they found the compensation money insufficient.
Sources said the SBCA had organised the meeting after the National Accountability Bureau had arrested city's prominent developers Rufi Builders who had failed to give possession of plots to their allotees despite lapse of over 10 years, to protect itself so that it can show the investigators that they had done something in case an inquiry was initiated against it.
The Deputy Speaker held that according to the Joint venture, FECHS was bound to give possession of plots to 1096 members of Parliament but only 413 were awarded the possession.
Carly Richardson worked very hard in GK for Romanby, making it difficult for Stokesley by taking a number of interceptions and gaining rebound shots to give possession back to Romanby.
Some fans accused Martin Atkinson of showing inappropriate urgency to give possession back to City.
McInnes signalled to his men not to give possession back from the throw-in and they followed orders.
A Texas House committee begins hearing testimony Wednesday on a slate of bills designed to give possession of small amounts of marijuana a criminal makeover.
Indeed, it may even be the case that a court would be reluctant to give possession of the property if the rent has been paid and the landlord has not really suffered a financial loss.
We can't afford to give possession away where we did.
The Surge drove to the Rochester 8-yard line on their second possession, but on fourth down defensive back Chris Shaw knocked down a pass in the end zone to give possession back to Rochester.
Mourinho told defender William Gallas not to give possession back to Wigan because he felt McCulloch was feigning injury after a clash with Joe Cole.
Bridlington failed to make their extra man advantage count during the second half and proceeded to give possession back to Emley.