To give vent to

to suffer to escape; to let out; to pour forth; as, to give vent to anger.

See also: Vent

References in classic literature ?
On a signal given by a cannon-shot each furnace was to give vent to the molten iron and completely to empty itself.
Thence he retired to his own apartment, to give vent to his concern; but the restlessness of his mind would not suffer him to remain long there; he slipped softly therefore to Allworthy's chamber-door, where he listened a considerable time without hearing any kind of motion within, unless a violent snoring, which at last his fears misrepresented as groans.
The answer was so little like the one Mercedes desired, that she turned away to give vent to a sigh, which sounded more like a groan.
There, walking about with a meditative expression, which almost gave nobility to his vulgar head, his shoulders thrown up, his neck stretched out, his lips half open, to give vent to unconnected fragments of incoherent thoughts, he lashed up his courage to the pitch of the undertaking contemplated, whilst within ten paces of him, separated only by a wall, his master was being stifled by anguish which drew from him lamentable cries, thinking no more of the treasures of the earth, or of the joys of Paradise, but much of all the horrors of hell.
If he wins, he will be at liberty, perhaps, to give vent to a laugh, or to pass a remark on the circumstance to a bystander, or to stake again, or to double his stake; but, even this he must do solely out of curiosity, and for the pleasure of watching the play of chances and of calculations, and not because of any vulgar desire to win.
So Calabar Carnival provides that platform to give vent to your creative energy,' he said.
But Brexit has allowed some on the more repressed side of right-wing politics to give vent to their prejudices.
History tells us that employees usually find ways to give vent to their feelings of protest whatever Tory politicians do to prevent it, and I hope this will remain true in the future.
He said that Pakistan's bold stance on Kashmir had unnerved India and due to this reason New Delhi had flared the situation on the border to give vent to its anger.
But the city's walls are not the place to give vent to their desperation and unrequited love.
Your correspondent is well known for his antipathy of wind turbines and never misses an opportunity to give vent to his views.
While there are many positives to such a cultural advance, there are also negatives - not least the ability of obnoxious individuals to give vent to their horrible views.