To hang back

to hesitate; to falter; to be reluctant.

See also: Hang

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The decision is made to hang back, allow the others to pick each other off, and rely on personal skills to watch and listen undetected.
I had expected her to hang back a bit, or maybe be sitting in her roped-off area, but once I stepped a little closer to the stage I realized that she was not only in the front row, but had perched on the edge of the stage at Prince's feet, looking up at him adoringly as he sang," Swensson wrote.
His decision to hang back and congratulate newly-crowned Open champion Zach Johnson at St Andrews was commendable.
BRAKE, the road safety charity, and Direct Line insurance are urging drivers to hang back, slow down and chill out on country roads to avoid tragedies, as a survey reveals the extent of risky, aggressive overtaking.
Hopefully, that can translate into a few more fans and for some of the Newcastle Falcons crowd to hang back and watch the rugby league after the union game is finished.
The gunman was later found dead, near three homes that were consumed by the flames as crews were forced to hang back.
The belief was that the horse had even more pace than the year before, so the tactics were to hang back and wait.
David Miliband had his chance to oust Gordon Brown, but preferred to hang back.
Yet each individual has a strong incentive to hang back a little and let the other stickleback take more of the risk.
I decided to hang back for the first 500m,' said Tullett.
I won't be telling our two full-backs Simon Webb and Damien Lynch to hang back.