To hold hand

to compete successfully or on even conditions.
- Locke.

See also: Hand

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We hope this campaign will revive childhood memories of holding hands with your mothers and encourage grown-up children to hold hands with their mothers once again - with the help of atrix hand cream.
Basically, the double batter attack allows allies to hold hands, which is similar in nature to the Helping Hand.
Now he texts all the time, hangs on my every word and always wants to hold hands or kiss.
Harold Luty, 86, used to visit wife Mary, 87, every day at her nursing home to hold hands and talk.
The myth you are not allowed to hold hands in public in the UAE has also made people EoACAystressed ' said Kayed.
Some of them gathered again at noon to hold hands and pray in the plaza outside Lancaster City Hall.
There is nothing in the rubrics that directs people to hold hands during the Eucharistic Prayer or the Our Father.
Another reason for Grierson's confusion is that BYU is more lenient with single, straight students--almost encouraging them to hold hands at many church-sponsored "young adult dances.
Players standing on the circle are now asked to hold hands, forming a fence or pen surrounding the jamaquacks.
Children love to hold hands and see how many of them it takes to go all the way around.
Holland Haptics launches Kickstarter campaign for device that allows you to hold hands with your loved ones, wherever they are
What does it mean to hold hands and pray the prayer that Jesus taught us?