To jump the gun

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DAVID Cameron was warned yesterday not to jump the gun on new powers to Holyrood.
The 212 rapper, who recently got into a Twitter row with Lily Allen when she said her husband looked like a thumb, said: "I don't like to jump the gun but I definitely am interested in doing some sort of jazz at some point.
People want us to jump the gun and do something instantaneous but these things have to be done properly.
Brown said: "I don't want to jump the gun as we've all still got a long way to go but if George continues in the form he's in, the fans will make sure he gets a new contract, it's as simple as that.
How the article is worded seems mean spirited and a bit hateful to jump the gun or in this case to jump the string to tell readers to bad mouth a bow manufacturers string without first giving them an opportunity to make it right or addressing it in a more direct manner.
But he insists the current laws - which disqualify the second runner to jump the gun in any given race - give slow starters the chance to twist the rules in their favour.
Males of other species also tend to jump the gun in the womb, he notes.
Focus for Success" tests whether the user is patient or tends to jump the gun and uses games and exercises that develop the user's ability to concentrate despite distractions.
Not to jump the gun, you might want to wait for the latest tech-no-trend to reach its peak.
We have found it true that history repeats itself, as virtual 'Sooners' have already attempted to jump the gun and make Claims.
ROSS JACK is refusing to jump the gun despite the reward of a meeting with Motherwell if Elgin overcome Queen's Park at Hampden.
Unfortunately, people at PSV, the player and his advisers decided to jump the gun .