To kick the bucket

to die.
to lose one's life; to die.
- Milton.

See also: Bucket, Kick

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I'm not going to kick the bucket yet - there's more juice in it yet
After admitting he was fond of the odd drink - like the 13th, 15th, and 17th - Gazza finally looks like he's kicked the booze when everyone expected him to kick the bucket.
The youth was walking towards the path with his hood up and his head down and he just kicked out at me and tried to kick the bucket out of my hand.
Most of us have a bucket list of sorts and hopefully we don't wait until we're ready to kick the bucket before we pay attention to the list.
It's good to know that, even though they've been going for 10 years, they can still come up with inventive new ways for the people of dangerous Midsomer to kick the bucket.
It's only when I was about to kick the bucket that I realised I knew so many people
Don't fret, Gene Hunt isn't about to kick the bucket - Keeley's new pay grade comes from starring in Identity, a new ITV drama series about ID fraud to air later this year.