To let loose

to remove restraint from; to permit to wander at large.
to free from restraint or confinement; to set at liberty.

See also: Let, Loose

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My only concern is that any babysitter worth hiring would not have taken twenty eight visits upstairs before deciding to let loose the leopard
For once, the Olympic athletes had a chance to let loose after years of tough training regimens.
Green has been given free reign to let loose even more with his trademark gospel whoops and hollers (and shows some impressive songwriting chops), while Danger Mouse's pastiche of drum hits, organs, strings and distorted guitar samples perfectly complement Green's vocal and lyrical gymnastics on dysfunctional relationships (the monster hit single "Crazy"), paranoia ("Monster In My Closet") and standard MC braggadocio ("Feng Shui").
Emma, who turns 21 in November, is looking forward to Let Loose, but says: "I'm dreading my mum watching it.
Opt for something cultural, like the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, to let loose in an artsy way.
Davis's twisted tribe has been quietly infiltrating New York for a few seasons now--here it finally got the chance to let loose.
So then it's up to the reader to let loose and laugh--or not.
Dole especially is ready to let loose the military to stamp out drugs.
The earthquake that hits eastern Turkey last week apparently emanated from a seismic holdout -- a fault segment that had waited decases to let loose.