To live down

to live so as to subdue or refute; as, to live down slander.

See also: Live

References in classic literature ?
With Scotch patience and pluck he resolved to live down his reputation and work his way into the legal field yet.
I recalled numerous acts of my past life which I should have been glad to have had a few more years to live down.
All these--the sort of people that lived in these houses, and all those damn little clerks that used to live down that way--they'd be no good.
Meanwhile, it seems 10 months isn't long enough for Dev to live down the fact that he locked baby Amber in a van, as his and wife Jasmin's mothers have moved in and are refusing to leave.
Puwnnc In this economic climate, it's not sensible to leave a job for nothing, especially when it's considerably more expensive to live down south.
And we wouldn't have envied her her schooldays if he'd been a Fulham follower: Craven Cottage Jenkins would not have been an easy moniker to live down.
You ride for RVCA and Jimmy works there, your good friend who used to live down here, and how was that?
Many MPs have an incident or two in their careers they would like to live down.
Would that so-called``fans'',either of religion or football, would learn to live down the name of bigot and live up to the name of loving supporter.
Each side in this shouting match often seems determined to live down to the other's Stereotype of itself--even though, in fact, the relationship between conservatism, intellect, and even intellectual elitism is infinitely more complex than the simple dichotomy implies.
No self-respecting gay guy would have ever made some of the hair and clothing choices I am still trying to live down.