To live with

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To dwell or to be a lodger with.
To cohabit with; to have intercourse with, as male with female.

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References in classic literature ?
I think, sister, we need not keep Miss Lee any longer, when Fanny goes to live with you.
I told him I did not wonder that his father was as he had described him, for that his head was a little touched before I went away; and principally his disturbance was because I could not be persuaded to conceal our relation and to live with him as my husband, after I knew that he was my brother; that as he knew better than I what his father's present condition was, I should readily join with him in such measure as he would direct; that I was indifferent as to seeing his father, since I had seen him first, and he could not have told me better news than to tell me that what his grandmother had left me was entrusted in his hands, who, I doubted not, now he knew who I was, would, as he said, do me justice.
He only reproached him with desiring me to conceal it, and to live with him as a wife, after I knew that he was my brother; that, he said, was a vile part.
Through peer support programs we are offering practical, day-to-day-living consultation to individuals who are newly disabled and looking for advice on what it means to live with a disability in modern society.
It sounds wholesome, but requiring teen mothers on welfare to live with their parents may do more harm than good
At Advocat our future lies in providing to seniors whatever they may need to allow them to live with grace, dignity and as much independence as possible.
The concepts and techniques of ILPs, however, are also well suited for children and older persons learning to live with disability.