To pass muster

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Even as a straight-to-DVD release, this would fail to pass muster.
Shock-absorbing Supalite soles grip well and the boots are stylish enough to pass muster in a country pub.
And that, apparently, is all it takes for wacky educational policy to pass muster in the Assembly.
And while we may not have the billion-person audience and scandalous attire of that 'other' trade association, Pinnacle nominees have to pass muster on 82 judging criteria--not just one outstanding performance
It then created an approval process so byzantine that it took companies years and hundreds of millions of dollars to pass muster just for the license, before they had spent the first dollar on construction.
One man's attempts to pass muster as a drag queen turned out to be one of the viewing highlights of that week.
But before you can reap the benefits, you've got to pass muster.
For this assembly to pass muster, the two hallmarks must be facing in the same direction.
Is the soft-money ban likely to pass muster in the courts?
Then there's Bill's showy sax routine, which has just enough swing to pass muster but not enough to make you wonder.
More than twice as massive as all the other planets combined, Jupiter is nonetheless too small to pass muster as a star.
But the broadened bill failed to pass muster when the vote to cut off debate was reached.