To pass off

to go away; to cease; to disappear; as, an agitation passes off.
- Shak.
to impose fraudulently; to palm off.

See also: Pass, Pass

References in classic literature ?
But this sort of sickness used to pass off with the first sight of a familiar landmark.
I'm sure many bar owners have been tempted to pass off cheaper products as premium brands to reduce their costs, but no one is ordering the other products by name.
They should be able to pass off an opponent to a teammate.
ESPN is also the network trying to pass off dominos, darts and paintball as legit, while backing away from the NHL.
The Essex Speed Camera Partnership has already had trials with 10 of the cameras and used them to identify the driver in more than 1,000 cases in which the culprits were either trying to pass off points or claiming they did not know who the driver was.
He said: "There are always a few individuals who will, for personal gain, try to pass off suspect food as meeting the required standards.
Basically it will attempt to pass off a boy band as a girl band, trying to completely fool the music industry in the process.
Tenants that occupy several floors within a building are easier targets for landlords wishing to pass off Local Law 26 expenses.
The Internet has made it easier for kids to find portions of written work to pass off as their own.
As a writer fascinated by human beings' reactions to stress and the universal truths those reactions reveal, I try to pass off my affection for these shows as research.
The AA have noticed a sharp increase in the number of vendors trying to pass off mundane models as their sporty superiors.
If your revenue stream can support one or more staff members, it's probably time to pass off tasks to someone else.