To pay attention to

to be courteous or attentive to; to wait upon as a lover; to court.

See also: Attention

References in classic literature ?
I wish you to pay attention to what I am going to say to you.
Rosalind was very reassuring on that point, and then said musingly, as if half to herself, "But that hill is dangerous, you know; and young people would do well to pay attention to the danger-board
We had been too absorbed in watching our fate to pay attention to each other.
As he was at last compelled to pay attention to them, his capacity for self-hate was multiplied.
I pretended not to pay attention to anything she did, in the hope that little by little she would get accustomed to me, and become more friendly; but I soon saw that my expectations were quite vain.
Also the union made another great difference with him--it made him begin to pay attention to the country.
Don't whisper at prayer time, and don't forget to pay attention to the sermon.
It is not worth while to pay attention to them for they really are of no consequence.
I should have gone to the City that day, but I was too disturbed in my mind to be able to pay attention to business matters.
Always he would beg of us to pay attention to our lessons, on the plea that Petinka was a good son, an exemplary son, a son who was in twofold measure a man of learning; after which he would wink at us so quizzingly with his left eye, and twist himself about in such amusing fashion, that we were forced to burst out laughing.
He urged the people to pay attention to proper drainage of water and cleanliness at their homes.
With her finely-detailed drawings and true stories, Beth Surdut, winner of the 2013 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Nonfiction, invites you to pay attention to the spirited critters that crawl, fly, and skitter around your neighborhood.