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If they paid rent, of course, they might pay forever, and be no better off; whereas, if they could only meet the extra expense in the beginning, there would at last come a time when they would not have any rent to pay for the rest of their lives.
There will be chickens, pigs, vegetables, fruit trees, and everything like that; and there will be enough cows to pay for a hired man or two.
The pile of cuffs grew into a mountain, and Martin knew that he was doomed to toil for a thousand years to pay for them.
At a word since I must needs, for once, hold a candle to the devil what ransom am I to pay for walking on Watling-street, without having fifty men at my back?
In qualified plans covered by section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, withdrawals generally are not subject to federal income tax if the money is used to pay for qualified educational expenses.
Thus, while some employers may be tempted to fund amounts sufficient to pay for catastrophic illnesses in retirement, an actuarial determination of funding for those amounts would consider the likelihood that those costs would actually be incurred.
If a patient gets outside help to pay for medications while she's in the donut hole, that financial help may count as an out-of-pocket expense, and once total drug costs reach the "catastrophic" level, Part D will pay for 95% of further costs.
Only senior officers had enough cash income to pay for an upper-middle-class lifestyle.
They even have the gall to pay for jurors' transportation to the courthouse, but to get home, they have to pay their own way.
Albert admitted that she received gas, electricity, heat, hot water and cold water without having to pay for these services.
Aside from loans and financial aid, there are other ways to pay for college.