To pick off

To pluck; to remove by picking
- Robynson (More's Utopia).
To shoot or bring down, one by one; as, sharpshooters pick off the enemy.

See also: Pick, Pick

References in classic literature ?
They attempt, also, together with the Chimango, to pick off the scabs from the sore backs of horses and mules.
Greenfly and blackfly are more difficult to pick off or dispose of manually, but there are plenty of sprays around that will get rid of them quickly.
Whether you're chucking Lucy into obstacles or using Susan to pick off evil dwarves, you'll have to resist the temptation to stare at the scenery.
Snipers and irregulars were always ready to pick off careless Union scouts, and many Southern women defended their homes with fierceness and pride.
But it does mean you're free to pick off the best of the experienced people from other agencies and mix them in with bright young people capable of learning fast and motivated to give the job their best.
As the battle moved higher into the mountains, Japanese machine gun crews intensified efforts to pick off the advancing troops and those attempting to re-supply them.
If you are but one of a cluster at the end, Con Edison will help by going around and trying to pick off the entire group through marketing efforts - and your Conversion Cost Incentive will be reflective of where you are, and whether or not your whole cluster exits the DC system.
Jon Sims took off for home from third base as soon as pitcher Blake Gailen lifted his leg to throw to first to try to pick off Aguilar, who already had taken off for second.
Graham is most penetrating when he questions his array of sources on the construction and testing of the "ex-atmospheric kill vehicle"--the weapon designed to pick off an incoming enemy missile at I5,000 miles per hour.
2 (in the rankings),'' guard Kelly DeVries said after the Southern Nazarene game, ``but we've got to pick off the next one and keep going.
Yagodzinski ended the Lancers' hopes one play later, cutting in front of receiver Dave Anderson to pick off Olson's final throw of the game in the final minute.