To pop off

to thrust away, or put off promptly; as, to pop one off with a denial.
to make a statement, or series of statements, forcefully and in an opinionated manner; as, he popped off about his dislike of modern art.
- Locke.

See also: Pop, Pop

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No more clothes pins or paper clips to pop off or get caught on each other.
I kept having to pop off the stage to take painkillers.
They didn't care that 99% of our trips went off without a hitch; they had to pop off about that one problem--which we were able to handle with an emergency effort.
Have children create a three-dimensional, mixed-media artwork that appears to pop off the canvas in the spirit of Done's work.
The very oldest stars, born before most supernova explosions had a chance to pop off, should therefore contain only a minuscule supply of iron and other metals.
Maharaj's gentle intelligence and Blrnbaum's cozy wit inspired students to pop off fresh questions.
For shots in which Matthew's head and various body parts appear to pop off, effects master Stan Winston made molds of the actor's face and body ``for three solid days'' prior to production.
To impress clients and co-workers, content needs to pop off the page, presentations need to grab the audience's attention, and information needs to be presented efficiently and professionally," said Nick Davies, Corel's General Manager Graphics.
He is an emotional player not afraid to pop off at the risk of hurting team chemistry.
Jernigan and Jones managed to pop off the outer thermal cover of the hatch, and a cargo-bay camera zoomed in on the outside handle.