To pop the question

to make an offer of marriage to a lady.
- Dickens.

See also: Pop

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Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre manager, Ellen Richards, said: "Whether you area passionate boater or just passionate, we think Standedge Tunnel offers a unique opportunity to pop the question to your loved one.
Kevin Moore " wrote: "Wouldn't have taken me that long to pop the question.
The man of mystery with the strange accent plucks up the courage to ask Ron to be his wife and even has Dot's old engagement ring ready to pop the question.
Jonny, 24, a leisure assistant at Hadrian Leisure in Wallsend, said: "It's two years since our rst date and I thought it was the right time and place to pop the question.
As if making it known to public was not announcing the certainty of marriage, the pop singer had already been telling to her friends that her boyfriend is soon to pop the question and she would undauntedly give that sweet "yes" to him.
Sam Sheppard was so disappointed by her boyfriend's attempt to ask her to be his wife, she has launched her own business advising men on how to pop the question.
Bashful men get help on how to pop the question irishsundaymirror@mgn.
It's a lovely story for the local couple - some of our staff even had tears in their eyes when Chris appeared on screen to pop the question.
ROMANTIC girlfriends who plan to pop the question to their loved one on February 29 are being encouraged to hold their weddings in Northumberland.
He wanted to wait until midnight on New Year's Eve to pop the question, but just couldn't hang on.
Tyrone decides to pop the question to Molly, and Jack gives him Vera's ring to put on her Pnger.
This site is a Godsend for anyone who wants to pop the question but doesn't know where to start.