To pull down

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to demolish; to destroy; to degrade; as, to pull down a house.
- South.

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References in classic literature ?
Last summer the islanders grew wearied, as their premier explained, of "playing at being savages for pennies," and proceeded to pull down all the landing-towers on the island and shut off general communication till such time as the A.
He heard her, and tried to pull down the sail; but the wind would not let go of the broad canvas and the ropes had become tangled.
They mean to pull down Wickham Place, and build flats like yours.
All round this they had cleared a wide space, and then the thing was completed by a paling six feet high, without door or opening, too strong to pull down without time and labour and too open to shelter the besiegers.
ISLAMABAD -- State minister for information and broadcasting Marriyam Aurangzeb has said conspiracy is being hatched to pull down government by calling godfather from Canada.
The order to pull down the buildings was issued at the end of last year and the Roma were informed of todayas operation in advance.
THE Russian parliament has adopted a much-disputed bill that would allow Moscow's City Hall to pull down Soviet-era apartment buildings and relocate 1.
Parbat told Lewes Crown Court that mum-of-two Lisa, a hair salon worker, said she was "horny" and asked him to pull down his trousers.
The decision to pull down the Dunston Rocket came after extensive consultation by Gateshead council with residents and demolition was deemed the right option.
Clarkson, Southport However, if they are going to pull down all that is worthwhile there without attempting to resort to other means of keeping the best then what's the point of having a tourist industry to look at big holes in the ground or modern developments?
THESE victorious residents are celebrating after diggers moved in to pull down part of a building put up without planning permission.
There's no way elderly people like my mum and aunt should have to pull down heavy beds like these.