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A JUDGE who had for years looked in vain for an opportunity for infamous distinction, but whom no litigant thought worth bribing, sat one day upon the Bench, lamenting his hard lot, and threatening to put an end to his life if business did not improve.
And for the first time the idea clearly presented itself that it was essential to put an end to this false position, and the sooner the better.
Now, my girl," he said, "I have come to put an end to this nonsense.
said the king, impatient to put an end to this embarrassing conversation.
At these moments I often endeavoured to put an end to the existence I loathed, and it required unceasing attendance and vigilance to restrain me from committing some dreadful act of violence.
The sight of the empty hole made his heart leap violently, but the belief that his gold was gone could not come at once--only terror, and the eager effort to put an end to the terror.
She had felt sure from the first that her son's pet monkey was no other than Prince Alphege, and she longed to put an end to him.
I cannot, however, leave this country without giving an account of their manner of blood-letting, which I was led to the knowledge of by a violent fever, which threatened to put an end to my life and travels together.
Gentlemen," said Mazarin, "I join with you in supplicating the queen to put an end to the miseries of her subjects.
He knew that he must do something to put an end to this suffering, but what he wanted to do was too terrible.
55pm A detective tries to use his opiumtriggered visions to put an end to Jack the Ripper's reign of terror over 19th-century London.
Bakri Hassan Salih, in Addis Ababa, to use its influence and special relations to put an end to the dispute in South Sudan and convince the disputing parties to sit for peaceful negotiations for ending the conflict and putting an end to the tragedy in South Sudan.