To set

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To speak her name was to call up pictures of people and places, to set a quiet drama going in one's brain.
Some research supports metacognitive theory, suggesting that students are better equipped than parents or teachers to set realistic goals for themselves (Hannafin, 1981; Palmer & Wehmeyer, 2003; Tuinstra & Hiatt-Michael, 2004).
Your team's setter and all other players who deliver a controlled ball to be attacked by a teammate must be able to set effectively.
Despite their simplicity, these axioms-called the standard axioms of set theory--have enabled mathematicians to set up a rigorous framework for proving results in all mathematical fields, from fractals to differential equations.
Remove from the heat and place in an ice bath, stirring occasionally until the gelatin just begins to set.
Using either a Power Rack or Smith Machine, lift the weight through only your strongest range of motion--which is the last few inches before the completion of the lift--using pins to set the bar.
To set place some bread pudding in a bowl and garnish with lemon zest.
Our #5 player continues on outside of the box to set a back pick for our #2 guard, who has V-cut toward halfcourt.
Dip each chocolate round in the coverture and set aside on a parchment-lined sheet pan to set.
The GeneChip 500K Array Set is the latest in a line of products from Affymetrix that the company believes will continue to set the standard in genetic analysis.
A fast-tempo offense doesn't give the opponent enough time to set up its defense, creating a good opportunity for an attacker to score.
Customers will have access to SET Engineering's design engineering specialists who are skilled using the components and building block reference platforms found on Avnet's line-card.