To settle the land

(Naut.) to cause it to sink, or appear lower, by receding from it.

See also: Settle

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Ukrainian authorities have in the past failed to settle the land disputes.
Government constituted a land inquiry commission to settle the land disputes when district Dir was made part of Pakistan.
Amina, widow of Abdul Wadood, filed report with police and said that her brother-in-law ex Senator Abdur Rehman mostly stayed in Karachi, however, after some time he came to Peshawar, her husband and brother-in-law Muhammad Ishaq went to Abdur Rehman house to settle the land dispute which was among them for the long time.
Taha also called on the states Walis (governors)to exert more efforts on improving the infrastructure and to create the right atmosphere for investment to benefit from the local and foreign investment previliges, and to settle the land ownership issues, indicating that investment is the back bone of the Sudan's economy.
While it seemed that the oil companies were aligned with the State and Alaska Natives to settle the land claims, Notti remembers it differently.
Finally, though she shows compellingly that tenancy served to settle the land, greased local land markets, fostered working farms, helped avoid serious debt burdens, assisted intergenerational land transfers, and provided rental income, the attainment of freehold was still the ideal to which most tenants aspired and many attained.
Immediately, in order to settle the land of Canaan, Abraham goes to war with the Canaanites.
In a jab to PM Netanyahu, Deputy PM Silvan Shalom: It is our right and obligation to settle the land and enable natural growth in Judea/Samaria.
Organizers from the movement, which was set up following the occupation's withdrawal from Gaza, called the move part of "the relentless battle on the right to settle the Land of Israel.
Furthermore, many hundreds of thousands would come to settle the land.
I said to them, that's 300 million barrels a year, $20 billion and you're telling us that we're just supposed to allow you to go by and you're not going to settle the land claims?
The intrusion of Western missionaries at the beginning of the nineteenth-century, not only paved the way for the entrenchment of Western consuls in weakened Ottoman Palestine, it also made it possible for European Zionists to settle the land.