To shut up

To close; to make fast the entrances into; as, to shut up a house.
To obstruct
To inclose; to confine; to imprison; to fasten in; as, to shut up a prisoner.
- Sir W. Raleigh.
to cease speaking.
- T. Hughes.

See also: Shut, Shut, Shut, Shut

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Chirac's Brezhnev-like instruction to them to shut up and not attempt to meddle in the affairs of grown-ups rightly infuriated them, and the joint Franco-German-Russian approach to the Iraq question just as rightly worries them.
So why might the governments of the accession countries choose to shut up rather than stay out?
I used to own a dog, and people would tell it to shut up, and I just don't like the way it sounds - it's a thing I have,'' Cwayna said.